What We Do

We provide studio quality recordings for you and your band or musician friends. If you can't get into a studio then let the studio come to you.

Using the expertise of LittleSmasher.com we can provide you with a fully tagged up mp3 or wav file that you can use to begin impressing your fans with.

Have a listen to some examples and get in touch.

Long Distance Runner

We're going Loopy here at LittleSmasher Studios by recording a new song for this five piece band called Long Distance Runner.

All instruments have been recorded at various band members' addresses.  We'll keep you updated on a release date but you can follow Loopy's own updates here.  We've mixed the drums and are currently putting the finishing touches to some backing vocals.


Loopy decided to create an acoustic accompaniment to their latest album "Booster8".

This is what LittleSmasher Studios managed to produce for them; entitled "Thruster4".

For "Just Do It", LittleSmasher mixed and edited the sound after being given the original audio.


A young lad from a local village had written his first ever song and wanted to record it for his school Summer project. His father played drums while LittleSmasher Studios provided the ukulele and bass.

We spent half a day recording on location and then took the files away to edit, mix and apply effects.

This is what we ended up with.


The young lad got an 'A'.